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Which email marketing site is the best?

I'm starting a new company and want to start collecting emails. There are so many providers I'm not sure where to start. Which do you recommend and why?

Hi @Kimberly! There are certainly a lot out there to choose from. I can recommend 2 in particular. Both are very good, but for different reasons. The first thing you'll want to consider is what you're using this for. It sounds like you just want to get started quickly and have a platform that you can eventually start to email. For this, it's hard to beat mailchimp.com - They are very easy to integrate into any type of website and completely free for your first 2,000 subscribers, which is a lot!

The other platform I'd recommend is called klaviyo.com. This platform is much more advanced and focuses on complicated website interaction logic...specifically, e-commerce. You can build very powerful funnels that are completely automated. So, for instance, if a user visited a product listing on your site, but didn't complete the purchase process, you could have the system automatically send an abandoned cart message, reminding the user to come back and complete the purchase. If they click and complete the purchase the email funnel would be completed (for that flow). But if they decided not to purchase right then, you could send a follow-up email (again completely automated) highlighting the specific features of the product, testimonials from happy customers, and anything else you think might help close the deal. Still didn't work, send a 3rd email a few days later offering a discount. These types of pipelines can be extremely lucrative. For years they touted that on average, every $1 spent on emailing customers would result in over $75 in sales. They are also free, but only up to your first 250 contacts on your list.

We use both of these products and have tried dozens more. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions.